Legal communication design

Speeding up the contract process. Bridging communication barriers between legal professionals and (internal) business partners. Fewer misunderstandings. No longer answering the same questions. The best part of legal communication design is invisible - still an eyeopener for most workshop participants. Especially those who participate to a Legal Design | Visual Contracts workshop.

Before the workshop, most people focus on the spectacular “before and after” pictures.

After the workshop, they realise that the beauty of law is just a side effect. That legal design is actually about creating an outcome that is more useful, user-friendly and desirable in the most efficient and effective way. Of course, “the visualisation part” is important, but even more important is answering questions such as: what is this clause actually about, what do our clients really need to know and understand, which clauses often lead to misunderstandings, or which clauses are difficult to negotiate. This means actively engaging other parties such as salespeople and clients when exploring the “Double Diamond”. In other words, collaboration and co-creation are key.

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